LangPlus TSE Keyboards

LangPlus TSE Keyboards 1.0

LangPlus TSE Keyboards adds languages to Windows regional settings
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This combination of keyboard layouts for Tamil and Sinhala are based on English (US) standard layout. Any one who types in English could easily type either in Tamil or Sinhala, where one can toggle easily among the three languages using hot key combinations. Hot keys such as <<0>> for each language could be assigned by the user. This is educational for either Sinhala or Tamil language learners as fonts of three languages have same phonetics, shapes and/or location. The non-font symbols of the English (US) standard keyboard are available including the × multiplication sign. This Keyboard works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and one has to remember only very few key allocations. In a mixed language document, user can change the font-type and size of only one language without affecting the other 2 languages of a selected line, paragraph or area.

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